Fuji recipes: Harsh Acros Monochrome vs Ilford HP5

I have some Fuji Recipes mounted, and I didn't _quite_ realize the difference between these two, until I've printed some of the photos.

The Harsh Acros Monochrome seems much more dramatic in comparison to the Ilford recipe. I think I prefer it because of my lack of skill - it's easier to provoke a response on a dramatic photo, shadows are strong, the blacks are deep, and the story is easy to be found.

Whereas with much more nuanced Ilford recipe, I would really need to work on all aspects of photography: composition, contrast, everything matters. The tonality is much more detailed, and I don't know at all how to convey my story with those tones.

This article was updated on September 24, 2023
Zlatko Đurić

Zlatko Đurić

Zlatko Đurić works in the software industry, and this site is his creative outlet for photography. He's usually photographing with his Fuji X-T4 camera or his Google Pixel 8 Pro phone, ocassionally adding some Lumix GF1 and Lumix GF2 photos in the mix, or scanning the film shots from his Ricoh KR-10 and Fujifilm Instax wide cameras.