Erik and Patrik

Recently I got a new lens, a Sirui Sniper 56mm F1.2 for Fuji X-mount. I love the lens. I rented the Fuji's 56mm F1.2 a few times. The Sirui lens acts just decently compared to it. It does not have an aperture ring, but it's not a big downside. But it feels slightly faster in focusing then the Fuji lens - although I think there's more focus breathing.

But for the price - I got it used - it does a great job. Here are some of the pics - they're all camera JPEGs, directly out of the camera.


This article was updated on March 3, 2024
Zlatko Đurić

Zlatko Đurić

Zlatko Đurić works in the software industry, and this site is his creative outlet for photography. He's usually photographing with his Fuji X-T4 camera or his Google Pixel 8 Pro phone, ocassionally adding some Lumix GF1 and Lumix GF2 photos in the mix, or scanning the film shots from his Ricoh KR-10 and Fujifilm Instax wide cameras.